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Top tips for grooms getting married

Top tips for grooms getting married
03 Mar 2016

We’ve asked three top men’s grooming, fashion and jewellery experts to share their headline advice for all you grooms as your wedding day approaches.

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Tas Panteli Of Pure Hair and Beauty says:

Tip one: Skin care – Facials should begin to be done around 3 months prior to the wedding so that a deep cleanse can be done to remove dead skin cells and renew skin cells to achieve a fresh hydrated appearance. Last facial should be done 1-2 weeks prior to wedding so that skin has calmed of any redness or shedding of dead skin cells is done.
Tip two: The Grooming – Nail care, hands should be manicured as most photographers will want close up pictures of rings. Eyebrows can be waxed and trimmed 3-5 days prior to wedding and any unwanted facial hair. If you are thinking of having a hot towel shave on the day of the wedding and you haven’t had one before, try it out a week before as everyone’s skin reacts differently to a cutthroat shave and you don’t want any redness on the day!
Tip three: Hair & Style – Choosing the haircut, I always tell the grooms to think about how they are going to have their hair for the day. I recommend having a haircut a week before so that the hair settles by the wedding day. I always point out that if they want an outrageous hairstyle, to ask themselves if this is something they want to be looking at in photo’s in years to come? As for styling the hair, I always recommend the groom to use something more natural looking, rather than gel or waxes go for grooming clay or cream, nothing to oily, or that’s going to make your forehead look too greasy and shinny. You’re going to have a lot of photo’s on the day and it will be very warm with all the running around you’ll be doing.

Leon Brown top tips for grooms getting married says:

“Tip one: Go all out. This is the one day of your life when you’re guaranteed to be a superstar. Do everything you can to look, feel and act like a star on your special day.
Tip two: Never outshine the bride. Although this may seem to contradict the first point, grooms should look, feel and act like a star without being the centre of attention. Give this day to your bride and go all out to be her Prince Charming – make this day one that she will never forget.
Tip 3 – Get your suit made. Your bride will be wearing the dress she has dreamt of for most of her life and she is willing to pay for it. You need to compliment her in a suit that is fitting for the experience of her dream day.
Tip four: Co-ordinate. Blend with your groomsmen by having special mono-grams on your shirt cuffs and special lining inside the collar. This will give you two looks for your wedding day style. One for the daytime when your shirts are buttoned up, and one for the evening when your collars are open and the lining comes through.


Jonathan Levy of Jack Conner Designs says:

“Tip one: Match your metals – Men’s wedding accessories tend to be limited to rings, cufflinks, watches and tie bars, although these days, men can be a little more flamboyant. It is important to match the colour of your metals, but no matter what they are, the wedding ring need not follow this rule.

Tip two: Sentimentality – It’s the perfect time to wear a piece of meaningful jewellery, perhaps the heirloom cufflink or signet ring.
Tip 3: Be refined – Unless you are normally very extravagant with your look, it’s best not to outshine your bride in the jewellery department.
Tip 4: Stay in your comfort zone – Do not try and reinvent yourself on your wedding day. Maybe buy the watch you always dreamed of to add that extra bit of class.
Tip 5: Future proof – Whatever you and your bride decide on, keep in mind that when purchasing your wedding jewellery you will probably want to wear it on future occasions too. Not only will it be a constant reminder of your happy day, but it will mean something to whoever you decide to leave it too.



Your day will be over before you realise it has started. Planning a wedding is like preparing a gourmet meal - the preparation takes considerably longer than the time it takes to enjoy the meal, but when done correctly, it will live long in the memory.

Final tip from all three - Relax. Breathe. Take it all in.

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Tas Panteli Of Pure Hair and Beauty Multi Award winning salon. (You’ll find Tas’ Salon in our directory.

Leon Brown of Christian English bespoke tailor.

Jonathan Levy Jewellery by Jack Conner Designs.




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